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The Harlem Car King; “God of the BBS Culture.”

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The Harlem Car King; “God of the BBS Culture.”

“Many people in Harlem are legends the world would never know. But if you saw them real BBS rims you knew that distinctive face when you saw him.”

The year 2020 has been a very tough one for this world. Many people are sickened and overly exhausted by the quarantine blues. In search of hope on returning back to a normal life friends and families are practicing the 6ft “curve the spread” distance executive order. While the rest of the world continue to seek new and old ways to revive a healthy fun-living life. Parties aren’t the same anymore…they are now mobile drive up and drive by celebrations. Even the traditional birthday party celebrations are now the new drive by norm. In the midst of every storm, there’s always a true soul survivor, a hustler, a businessman / woman, a trendsetter, and a go hard go-getter. His name is D.B. aka the”Car King” from Harlem, U.S.A.

Observing @decarking #decarking instagram page for over a year now the one thing that stood out was his authentic style of consistency. A question raised several brows,”Why haven’t anyone crown this guy?” He’s a walking cultural movement. In Harlem in the 80’s and 90’s’ (“No we’re not going into one of those stories” lol) if you we’re someone, really someone you rode BBS rims. Like the Rolex is status today for the Generation Z today, BBS rims were and still is the status for the “Big Willie, O.G., Baller”, you get it. The Car King stood true to his roots and jump head first into a lane he loved and revived the essence of the “Big Willie” style rim and doing so he updated the world with Harlem’s authentic style and swagger. In TruthMag100 Winter 2020 Edition – Volume #8 The Harlem Car King Story / “God of the BBS Culture.” he speaks to the masses on the life, the cars, the style, the culture, and the new-to-date enormous growing market of his widely distributed style of BBS rim.

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