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Dj Kay Slay the Legendary Drama King


Dj Kay Slay the Legendary Drama King

“Never let a snake back into your circle. Once they show you their hand it is what it is!”

When you think of DJ Kay Slay it’s a one-liner, “Pay homage!” it’s just that simple. Staying consistent and ahead of the curve in his own lane for over a decade is solid within it’s own. Being apart of the (hip-hop) culture from day one Dj Kay Slay experience all 5 elements of the hip-hop world. Understanding the huge shift in the music industry in the creation and art of the music alone Dj Kay Slay respects the new culture and also have remained on top of the game. How did he achieve such greatness? He knew right away in order to sustain long jeopardy the master “key” was to offer the “real” and “up and coming” a fair shot at opportunity to be great and he opened so many doors through his platform at his Shade45 satellite radio headquarters and his legend lore Straight Stuntin magazine which continues to fly off the racks.

DJ Kay Slay knew the importance of building and creating bonds with like minded individuals and people who respect him for being himself in the industry…the rest is legendary. His image is a one-of-a-kind always lavished in custom made gear and apparel he established a (we wonder what his closet is like…lol) strong presence immediately. Wearing eye-catching furs, leather, and high fashion designer brands made one eager to hear the music that came with the look. Constantly releasing a mixture of music playlists, coaching, directing, and uniting “real” artist together DJ Kay Slay a covers a forevermore void that will always be there in hip hop. It’s not even a secret that anything that’s successful can steer away from it’s essence and roots, but the Drama King will make sure the fans will always get the “real”.

His projects are unique and monumental so please continue to stay in tuned. Dj Kay Slay gives the world of hip hop some real insight on the newest release set for 12-30-20 of Truth Mag 100’s 2020-21 Winter “Bundle Up” Mink Issue.

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