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Daniel Gluckin

Show up on time and don’t be afraid to take risks. Also never take advice from someone who hasn’t done what you want to do.

Mr. Gluckin’s claim to fame should be that of a fairy tale. Yet instead it’s totally driven and developed from following his gut. Many good ole’ success stories reflect greatly on the past and for Daniel’s distinctive narrative we will just sum his up to say he’s always been about helping others grow through the unforgettable and much appreciated experience he provides. Ranking #66 on America’s Top 100 Realtors’ list is a big deal. Daniel humbly states, “Do More”, which is the same exact one-liner tatted on the back of his forearm, meaning he has more to do.

Daniel Gluckin and The Gluckin Group which is located in the beautiful North Hills section of Raleigh, North Carolina is a well diverse rapid growing real estate powerhouse machine. High quality ads, fierce layman-term marketing, and a local tight-knit group of individuals set’s The Gluckin Group apart from the many realtors in the city. Well verse with the landscape of the Triangle area Daniel his there on time to help potential seeking home buyers with their entire purchasing process. The days a pretty long at times yet Daniel’s schedule is so fit for his lifestyle he makes time for a run and family time, what he cherishes the most. The leap of transformation for Daniel was a risk, yet he knew the reward would be greater once he followed through. Do you want to know how Mr.Gluckin did it? Guess what…we do too! Daniel Gluckin will share his walk from out of the NC nightlife/partylife and onto a new scene in the February, TruthMag100’s 2021 Winter “Good Business” issue.

Need a nice home or a commercial property. Mr. Daniel Gluckin / The Gluckin Group is the way to go!

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