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Earvin “I’ll Be Right Back” Opong


Earvin “I’ll Be Right Back” Opong

“Everything is lite…2 sugars” lol

I’ll Be Right Back is a legendary household name in the “Street Ball” world. Earvin’s name became very popular with his unique signature crossover (before A.I.’s) move.

Earvin is from the Bronx, NY and he was given the name I’ll be right back in Rucker park by Al Cash and Duke Tango.  Earvin got into basketball at the tender age of 10, playing on several staple AAU teams, like Kips Bay, Madison Broncos, and The Gauchos. As far as tournaments he played in everything from the Entertainers’ (Rucker) , Dyckman, 145th, Watson, Gun Hill, and any tournament that was poppin at the time of the
“real live” Street Ball era.  In 1999 Earvin received MVP honors in Rucker where he’d win the championship title back to back in 1999-2000.

Basketball took him very far. Earvin was able to travel the world and see so many different things. Also it granted him a scholarship at University of Albany. Which definitely allowed him display his talent throughout the country and all over the world.

Before Covid-19 the 5’7 “Street Ball” superstar stayed up to par playing in tournaments like Darby in Harlem. Even though the legendary Ruckers is an outdoor tournament, “I’ll Be Right Back” would still play if the pandemic allowed it, but quarantine shut the doors on many recreational areas in the city. Keep up and check out Earvin “I’ll Be Right Back” Opong as he shares his story and memoirs about the “Street Ball” world in TruthMag100’s 2021 Spring “Basket Ball Lives” issue. This issue is banger!

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