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K.T. The Crocodile Hunter


K.T. The Crocodile Hunter

” Bet On Yourself”

What do you do when the stakes of identifying how to win are extremely high, respect, neighborhood love, and street cred is unconditional? You turn to a team captain and pass them the ball and let them create a straight lane to the goal. You find you a “K.T.”! Rising amongst the deep rooted stigma of his neighborhood and defying odds, K.T. leaves ( which is hard to do today) no one behind. When you thought doing “truly” what’s right straight from the heart didn’t come with a heavy cost, K.T. is a walking-living proof that you have to dig deep into your (positive) self and work even harder.

Growing up in the Bronx there was always a life lesson one after another. K.T. became inspired by his neighborhood’s own hip hop legends and greats; Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, and Big Pun. With music in his DNA responsibility grew upon him quick and years later he created a label called “No 1 Left Behind”, which was a real clear expression of how he exactly lived his life. K.T. began developing his family of artists such as Corey Baller, Rell, Melly, Flezzy and Smoovearua and is diligently working to make “No 1 Left Behind” a household name.

When one have lost so much… there’s a deeper win on the way. Back in the day, that win seemed to take forever and at times seemed like years to come. Nowadays, it doesn’t take long for that deep win to arrive. It’s here, and it’s K.T.. This win is not only for the culture but it’s for the Soundview (Mutherland) section of the BX. Stay in tune and be on the look out for “N1LB”. We would never spoil the moment…so find out more of K.T.’s and his “N1LB” journey to the top of the music industry in the TruthMag100’s 2021 Winter “Good Money” issue this Feb 21.

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