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The God “DR”


The God “DR”

“You must work, even a bum gotta shake his cup.”

“Peace to the Gods or Peace God!” In 2021 that would be an unfamiliar greeting, yet in the world of “Dirty Red” that’s a polite sign of welcomed recognition and one the highest toward a righteous knowledge-of-self individual. The God D.R. is a legendary Bronx slick rhyme spitter; by way of Myrtle Beach, SC. The God D.R. hails from the fire of the “Hot 97” era, where he was featured on both D.J. Clue and D.J. Kay Slay mix tapes. Some may say , “Why haven’t I heard of D.R.?”, maybe because he was so busy getting it in on the street side of things. But when you research and catch up to his wave you will want to induct his body of work into your “Top 5 Dead or Alive” listing. D.R. has weathered several storms, shortcomings , and minor setbacks, yet his shortcut to the music industry is truly near being that it’s well deserved let alone long awaited and passed due.

Check out The God D.R. in TruthMag100’s 2020-21 Winter “Bundle Up” Mink Edition that’s currently out now.

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