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Unique “Mecca Audio” Hall


Unique “Mecca Audio” Hall

“Respect self, Love self, and Honor yourself”

All across the east coast Up North and Down South from the streets to the hip-hop scene the name “Unique” Mecca Audio ranged bells. Harlem’s own legendary kingpin was a very peculiar individual who stood out from the rest of the “getting money” fellas in the city. Those who were close to Unique knew he was Jamaican who made his own laws on how he needed to survive. Today ex-hustlers and new ones will repeatedly whisper that the “street code” is dead, basically there is no code for the streets. Raised as a sufferer to survive in this country Unique stood firm and fastened to his Jamaican roots, ” as long as you keep your mouth shut”, you and your family always would be alright and that he did. 27 years later he’s here, healthy and alive with his freedom to talk about his book “A Roar In Harlem” and his story!

It took decades tearing Unique’s life apart and he’s dedicated to another set of decades of putting himself back together. This autodidactic, who once couldn’t read or write is now a certified tradesman with many trades under his belt from plumbing to HVAC and electrician. What would you do if another black man ( the judge ) sentenced you to 26 years and told you that he actually wanted you to spend the rest of your life and die in prison? The judge told Unique that no one deserved “Life” more than him! Find out in our 2021 Spring issue of TruthMag100 how this “one-of-a-kind” found the key to release himself to return for a second chance to do it right and represent the youth. And of course Unique clears the air and elaborates on Harlem’s history, culture and mixed feelings of its infamous hustlers from Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes, Guy Fisher ( how Guy saved his life), Underwood, and Alpo. Unique gives a big big up and “god bless to Queenzflip and G Money” FDS podcast. “We are happy to have Unique Mecca Audio back!”

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