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Future and Master Rob


Future and Master Rob

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Future and Master Rob

The names Malloy “Future” Nesmith and Rob ” Master Rob” Hokett are etched in stone in the world of basketball. Hailing from the uptown streets of the Bronx, these two street ball superstars were New York City’s Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas. Paving the way for many street ball stars to come these pioneers have shut down many tournaments and shot it out with the best of the best city wide players. Coming from two different sides of the Bronx, growing up as kids their days would be long and very competitive. Future built his reputation from his love of playing all over the city in some of the toughest projects and neighborhood parks. Rob would agree, and admit that his childhood made him mentally tough on and off the court. Showboating their skills at Rucker Park was like watching the “Greatest Show on Earth!” Master would glide down the court looking smooth with his long strides and everyone would try to anticipate what move ( a no look pass, a slick fake, or a surprise dunk) he was going to do. On the other end Future would blow pass any and every player dribbling behind his back through his legs wrapping the ball behind his opponents neck and pop lock dancing frustrating his defender.

Master Rob

TM100: When did you recognize you became a street ball legend?

Master Rob: “Real talk… I knew I was a legend from day #1.

TM100: What’s a quote you live by?

Master Rob: You gotta believe in yourself if nothing else is a quote I live by.

TM100: What do you think about the street ball game nowadays?

Master Rob: The game right now is garbage.

TM100: Do you still play the game of basketball today?

Master Rob: Not right now, although I do play at times…50 and over league.

TM100: What was some of your most challenging games or opponents?

Master Rob: Honestly, I had so many I really can’t remember. But Paco went at me, a couple other people like D Mack and Future of course.


TM100: How did you get into the street ball aspect of basketball?

Future: I was 12 years old playing with a team called “Bronx Warriors” and they took me to Harlem to play where I was playing with guys that were 15 years old and older scoring at least 15 points a game.

TM100: Which legendary teams did you play for alongside the Rucker Tournament?

Future: In junior high school I played in Rucker, St. Mary’s basketball tournament with a big hustler “Peter Shue”, the legenday “Tommy Starks” and also played against (RIP) “Pookie Wilson” and I scored 46 points against him and from that day on I was drafted to play in the ABC tournament for team AJ Lester ( another big hustler from 133 St. & Lenox Ave) alongside (RIP) “Karlton Hines”. Out of a line up of 30 guys ( who were trying to get down) we were the only two picked to play.

TM100: How did hustling influence the street ball culture and vice versa?

Future: Back in the day, most of the street ball coaches were hustlers from Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Many didn’t play ball but they were into basketball. The street ball world helped the hustlers “clean up their act” by allowing them to appear to be doing more than what they were doing. Most of the hustlers were all of our friends and just had a true love for basketball. So as coaches they would form teams and add celebrities to the teams to play with us celebrity street ball players. This combination would bring many pretty fly girls ( the hustlers would use us and we would use them too) and then the money came. I never asked for money but in high school I was making $300 per game. I was never thinking about money or even making a name, I was so into competing and going to college to going pro to play against the best!

Future: I would like to shout out my family and my heartbeats, my son mom Dana Thomas and my son Jalen Nesmith.

Stay tuned and find out more about these street basketball legends Future and Mater Rob in our TruthMag100 Spring 2021 ” Street Basketball Lives” issue.

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