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Julian Hall

“I will not be out worked”

Attorney Mr.Julian Hall

Mr. Julian Hall, Mr. Hall, more like it…Attorney Mr. Julian Hall. A very familiar presence in the courthouse and in the City of Durham. This proud renaissance man is much more than meets the eye! From one side of the law to the other side of the law Mr. Hall exceeds all boundaries and excuses of what a person can achieve beyond a shadow of a doubt rising up from the neighborhood. His life is tailor made like the suit he wears 24-7, 365, representing a person’s true character while upholding his own dignity fighting daily for a client’s fair trial and due process. Hall is a rare gem in the world of criminal justice and his work ethic and entrepreneurial lifestyle shows today.

Attorney Mr. Julian Hall

Straight out of college Mr. Hall took off like a rocket and within a couple of years opened his own practice. This awesome dad, family man, outstanding husband, and lifetime member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated is a solid down to earth gentleman who’s relentless in the courtroom. Whether it’s closing mortgages out, knocking out trials, and dismissing traffic tickets, Mr. Julian Hall also spends time at his “Smoking Bull” cigar lounge for some downtime with the patrons and members. Always focused on family and growth Hall never forgets we he comes from and came from. His office is located downtown in the same city, years ago was considered a ran down crime infested city. Julian had that “take-over” vision and burning hunger and when many natives left his city for the so called big money cities and towns, Hall stood ten toes down and now today he’s standing tall towering over many other firms.

Riding around low key in his immaculate all new pick up truck he strolls down the Bull City streets with ease coming to a slow crawl. He points, “This lot right here is where my duplexes will go”, and he smoothly pulls off bending another corner slowly speaking in a low tone about his sacred excitement of what he calls “sitting on property”.

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